Saturday, March 6, 2010

PGBouncer or PGPool II? That is the question!

We have been trying out both PgBouncer and pgpool II for connection pooling in front of our Postgresql database servers. One of the issues we are trying to tackle is how to make PgBouncer HA (High Availability) and if it matters.
pgpool II already has the ability to be HA using pgpool-HA, but pgpool is also a more featureful application that does much more than simple connection pooling.
On the other hand, PgBouncer is a nice, lightweight connection pooler that we have found to fit the bill rather well. Our question is, if we have auto-failover set up in our private cloud for PgBouncer, is there a need to be HA? What would need to be done? If we forgo making the pooler HA, what risks do we pose?
All these and other questions are going through my head. Any suggestions?

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